Re-shaping your Child’s Behavior

Childhood Aggression: The word aggression is defined as the action of attacking with out provocation.  Children are not born that way.  It is a learned behavior and parents and guardians need to understand it. Parents are frustrated and angry when their children exhibit aggressive behaviors which then leads them to punish the child out of

Games to Build Kindergarten Skills

To help  your child gain more knowledge, you can use play and reading time to also help him get a good grasp of the alphabet, how the letters look and numbers and counting.  These will all be great basic skills for kindergarten that will make the step into formal schooling easy and smooth for your

The Brave Princess!

Hello Everyone!  I am making a request of all parents with little one who might be experiencing a little fear.  I  read a book called “Princess Ruby: The Make Up Ballet Class”.  It tells how a young princess conquered her fears by going through it with the support of her mother the queen.  Below is