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Should I Be Worried If My Child Puts Everything Into His Mouth

If your child should eat everything in your home like pet food, or cigarette pieces, it will most definitely comes out in the waste. Believe that you need to worry about plants that are harmful to children, medications that are in your household, and any form of gasoline product. You should have the poison control number in every room for emergency purposes. If your child should ingest kerosene or other gasoline products, it is best not to let the child vomit it up but to let it go through the intestinal tract instead so he child does not have to inhale it into their lungs. It is important to remember that all products are dangerous including the medications that are used for your child…all of it should be locked up away from your child. Babies are not childproof, so never trust or underestimate any child that is on the move.

Can Colic Be Cured In Infants?

Colic is defined as a severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines and suffered esp. by babies.   When a baby has colic he/she cries for more than  three hours per day, three days per week, for more than three weeks.   Generally, colic improves on its own when the baby is three to four (3-4) months old.  Colic can be  gas related.   Consult your doctor before giving your infant any over the counter medication.  Parents, it is imperative that you see your child’s pediatrician before  you assume the worst, because he/she may not have colic.   To learn more about colic in an infant take a look at the link below.