Should Babies Be Disciplined Before Age One

There are so many stories around about disciplining a child that it makes your head spin just listening to them. People say while the baby is in utero and you should hear it cry, just slap your stomach as hard as you can and and the baby will stop. With moms and dads talking, singing and playing all kinds of music to their unborn child, I would suggest that they tell their baby to sleep through the night.

I believe that discipline is just a another word for control This happens the moment you bring that child home from the hospital. You must start self-discipline immediately. Getting the baby on a schedule that allows you to have time for yourself would be the very first sign of discipline for you and baby. During the first year, discipline only comes into play with regard to your child’s safety such as touching a light socket or constantly walks toward the street. It is more effective to remove the baby from an unsafe situation than to try to reshape his behavior. You will have plenty of time to discipline your child in the 2nd year and beyond, so do not worry about it in the 1st year. Enjoy the time spent with your baby!

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