Are Books And Oral Communication A Thing Of The Past

With so many hand held devices in children hands under five years, I am wondering when did we stop talking verbally to one another? Today I had a few errands to run before I had to catch a flight for a conference. During my wait time at the car service shop no one spoke or greeted anyone as they entered the room. It caused me to wonder when did people stop talking to each other? What I saw was every person had a hand held device. Magazines were laid out on the table, but no one even gave it a glance. Are books and oral communication a thing of the past?

I must admit, I am a little nervous to know that many children and even adults don’t even know how to sign their names because they spend so much time on their hand held devices. What are we to do? I’ve seen children throw fits because their parent has taken away their hand held device from them. I’ve seen adults out for lunch not speaking to each other, because they are holding their devices and communicating to another.

What messages are we sending to our children about communicating with one another? If this keeps up we will not have any use for libraries or librarians. Will there be a need for teachers? Schools will be non-existent. If books are not used anymore will children know how to turn the pages or even open a book?

I am asking all parents, caregivers and the like to keep books in their environment and speak to their children and family members orally so that they can practice speaking. Let us keep the hand held devices to a minimum in order foster better communication with books and oral communication..

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