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Building Self-Esteem In Your Children Part 2

All children should be praised and recognized for the good things that they do and not for the bad things. Here are a few tips you can use to help your child gain confidence and build his/her self-esteem.

1. Help your children develop acceptance toward people with different values and backgrounds. Point out other people’s strengths.

2. Help your children feel useful and valued by giving them responsibility.

3. Be available to your children and give them support when they need it.

4. Always show them that what they do is important to you. Talk with them about their activities and interests. Be present at their games, parents’ day at school, drama presentations, and award ceremonies.

5. Spend time together and share favorite activities and stories.

6. Discuss problems without placing blame or commenting on the child’s character. Children are more likely to help fix a problem if they know that they will not be attacked.

7. Communicate phrases that build self-esteem, like “Thank you for helping me today” or “That was an excellent idea!”.

8. Avoid phrases that hurt self-esteem: “Why are you so dumb?”, “How many times have I told you?”.

9.Show your children how much you care about them, hug them. Tell them they are terrific and that you love them very much.

Feel free to implement these tips in raising your child’s self-esteem. Always speak positive words to your children by building them up.

Can ADHD Be Detected In A One Year Old

Despite what parents may say about their child and their behaviors, attention- deficit-hyperactivity disorder(ADHD) is a very difficult disorder to diagnose during a child’s first year of life. Behavior that is exhibited in a three to five year old is normal for a baby. A baby’s attention span, at nine months is not very long, and the frustration level is just naturally greater in an infant or toddler, than it would be in an older child. I would have to say, that the disorder (ADHD) is difficult to detect during the first year of a child’s life.

I would encourage parents to read all the information they can about their suspicions with regard to any disorder.

How Many Ways Can You Motivate Your Child

The word “motivate” is an action word also known as a verb. What do you do to get your child to move and do something? We are going to talk about motivating your child/children to do more despite how they might be struggling. Here is a very important tip you can use to help motivate your child to read. Reading is all encompassing and it open the doorway to knowledge. The sooner a child can read,and the more often they read, the faster they will increase their learning. Here are a few tips you can use to help motivate your child to be a better reader by becoming an independent reader.

— Schedule time everyday for reading.

— Have a wide selection of books for the kids to choose from, as you buy books for holidays and birthdays to increase the selection.

— Visit the library often and allow them roam the children’s section with ease.

— Encourage the children to borrow books from different genres–fiction, picture books, audio books, non-fiction.

— Buying games on line or in stores to help improve their intellectual skills –(You can teach them how to play scrabble). Investing time into your child’s early life will give you great harvest later on in his life.

Should Your Pets Be Belted In The Car When Driving

We as Americans have been buckling up for years. The proper use of lap and shoulder belts have been shown to reduce the risk of fatal injury to front seat car occupants by at least 40-45 percent, while reducing the risk of moderate to critical injury by at least 50 percent. Research has shown that non- belted rear seat passengers increase the the death rate of front seat passengers by at least 5 times. When we get into the car we buckle up ourselves and children to ensure all passengers are safely, or do we? Do you do the same for your pets?

With more and more pets traveling cats and dogs are suffering severe injuries from not being properly restrained. A pet that is not properly restrained in a car is a danger to itself and other passengers in the car. Even the best behaved pet travelers can overly excited or frightened while riding in the car. This kind of behavior can very easily distract the driver, causing an accident. A pet that is unrestrained pet can become a flying object in the event of a sudden stop or accident a fetal danger to the pet and other passengers in the vehicle. Sadly, instances of pets being thrown through the windshield are all too common in severe accidents.

The dangers are more likely than one may think. A vehicle involved in an accident traveling at only 30 mph can cause a 15 pound child to create quite an impact of 675 pounds.

Responsible pet owners need to take heed of the dangers of the dangers of unrestrained pets. Many pet owners do not believe restraint is necessary for around town travels like the post office, pet store, or bank. However, this is when most accident occur. Another important consideration is that in the event, of an accident, a frightened pet may run out into traffic, while rescue workers enter the vehicle to assist passengers. Or it may attack those who are trying to help.

Let us do what is right for our pets. They are members of our family and their safety is our duty.

Nonverbal Learning Signs For A Grade-Schooler

Signs of nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD) often show up in grade school. Your child may be struggling with concepts that other children just seem to get. He or she may not understand the other children’ jokes. Here is what you might be seeing.

While at home your child can read a long chapter book out loud but can’t tell you what it’s about. In school he is unable to answer questions about the handout he just read. What stands out here is that children with NVLD read well but have difficulty grasping the abstract meaning of what they read. He misses the point.

Children that are nonverbal learners tend to share lots of information with others. At home your son or daughter tells you everything he hears or learns about, even if it is not important to the topic of conversation. At school he goes around telling other children tribal facts, even if they are not interested.
An important issue with children with NVLD are great at memorizing information but don’t know when or how to share it with others.

Children with NVLD tend not to get humor or sarcasm. At home he or she doesn’t realize when his siblings are just kidding and he gets upset and lashes out at them in anger. In school he doesn’t realize that the kids at the lunch table are teasing him. He thinks they are being friendly to him. Children with NVLD struggle to understand communication that is not literal.

Children with NVLD dislikes change. At home your child does not want to eat at a new restaurant because he is not familiar with it. During school time he tends to get upset when s school assembly disrupts the usual classroom routine. Children with NVLD have trouble shifting from one activity to the other.

Summer is here and now is the time to check out the importance of exploring the warning signs that your child might be exhibiting before the next school year.

5 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

As summer approaches so does the rain and we all know that rainy days us all fell very blah. So to make the best of a soggy situation here are 5 things you can on those rainy days.

1. As the rain pours down why not take a hard stare at some modern art in your state or county. You can take pictures with the art pieces around the museum sa you spend a great day enjoying the arts.

2. You can take in a matinee and lunch at the theater. You can check to see what show is being shown and just spend quality time with a friend as you both enjoy the show and lunch before or after.

3. As the rain pours, you can bowl a few frames as you interact with other bowlers. You can find all these activities in your own local community.

4. Find a mini-golf arena and play to your hearts content. You can have some serious fun doing this.

5. If you are fearful of heights you can easily get over it by rock climbing because it is all in doors. You can put all of your dreams to work by climbing like Spider-Man. You can find where all these activities are located in your local community.

Don’t let a rainy day dampen your spirit because there is always something to do on a rainy day.

Should Negative Behavior Put A Child With Autism In Jail

Today I heard a story of a school age autistic child handcuffed and carted off to jail for kicking, biting and threatening to kill his assistant teacher. The reason behind the behavior is not known. His mom was not notified about the incident. Instead, the police was called to take him off to jail.

I am asking you to read this article and start a discussion with your friends, family, teachers, and community school boards.

How Can You Make Yourself Happy In Minutes

For the past few weeks I have been feeling not quite my happy self and I had to know what was causing me to feel out of sorts.  I asked around and several people said to me  “you have to learn how to make myself happy in minutes” by exercising, call a friend, jot down 3 things you are grateful for and set an intention for your day.

My response was I take the kids to school, cook, clean and do all the things necessary to keep a happy home, but some how that was not enough for me.  I was told to  do aerobic exercise, call a friend,  jot down 3 things you are grateful for in your life, and set an intention for your day.  The same things I was told prior.

The strategies above were told to me, I on the other hand added my own… singing which lifted me up so high.  I felt happier than I ever did before.

Singing lifts me up every time I feel down but I thought that in order to be happy like most people, I needed to do something bold.  That is not the case at all.  I needed some nourishment to energize me to live a happy life.

Doing aerobic exercise on a consistent basis does leave a person feeling positive at a time when you need it the most.

Calling a good friend can indeed give you happiness and better health.  Conversing with an old friend can have long lasting positive effect to the point of increasing your energy and raising your motivation.

Many people keep a journal to jot down the things they are most grateful . By identifying 3 things has shown to provide a long lasting effect on one’s happiness.

Set a daily intention to help guide your day  as you sit in the driver’s seat where you can conscious decisions, rather than just reacting to demands.

To help you get more information on being happy you can to the website below.


Look For Hidden Nuggets And Resources For Your Family

Activities that most people take for granted can become a monumental  chore for families with Special Needs children.  Here are five nuggets and resources to help you on your way.

1.  Seek out the best resources for your family.  A simple hair cut can become so  harrowing for children with sensory issues.  Look for barbers that enjoy working with children in your neighborhood.  The person should be loving and patient and can help even the most terrified child over time to enjoy their haircut.

2.  The dentist is very scary for children, so taking your child to the dentist with you is a wonderful idea.  Seek out a dentist that is good with children but can calm a nervous child.  Word of mouth among other mothers does carry a lot of weight.  Do your research always.

3.   It is important to know the tolerance level of your child.  The city you live in I  am sure, does have lots of events as does New York City for children with special needs.  These events can be crowded, loud and this is not the best for the children.  The bright side to this is that more and more special needs events are popping up all over: your local library are having more  Sensitive friendly shows, books and activities.  Check with your local museum to find more.

4.   Jump in.  Children with special needs love playing and being in the water, because it is very soothing to their skin.  Check around in your neighborhood to see what it offers in way of  water play for your child.

5.   Reach across the divide to meet other parents who are going through the same thing.  Raising a special needs child can be isolating at times, so meeting parent who are experiencing the same or similar. Check within your community for people who offer support to parents of special  needs.  You can even check out your local supermarket  for mom meetings.

5 Things To Know If Your Child Has Special Needs

I live in a city where families with special needs can navigate the system though difficult and daunting at times.  That city is New York City.  So, to help you get through, here are 5 tips you can use to help as you venture out on your journey with your family.

Look At The Big Picture

  1. Address First Things First:  If you suspect that your child may have developmental delays, don’t hesitate to discuss the topic with your pediatrician.   He should be able to help you with referrals or help in scheduling an evaluation.

2.  Deep Breathe.  If your child does have delays and requires services such as physical therapy, speech or occupational therapy, say to yourself “it is going to get better”.  The city has  some of the best programs  to help children with developmental delays, do not start anticipating the worst about your situation.

3.  Your Child Is More Than The Diagnosis:  along with the diagnosis comes labeling, however do not lament over the label.   You will hear a litany of alphabet terms such as NOS, PDD, SPD, and ADHD.  Remember your child is still the same child he was last night  and the day before that.

4.  Stand Tall and Tell Yourself That You Are More Than Your Child’s Diagnosis:  If your child’s delays or special needs requires several  therapies, it’s very easy to let them take over your life.  Set aside time for yourself–even 8-10 minutes daily.  Do not forget the rest of the family.

5.  Don’t Refuse Help: It takes a village to raise any child, however it may take a larger village to raise yours.  Please accept offers of help from family members, friends, neighbors and your grandparents.    Some parents panic when they have to leave their special needs child with anyone and their lives become disrupted and restricted.  Do not let this happen to you.

More tips to follow on  this topic.