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Is Yoga Nourishing For Your Child?

Yoga baby

We have been talking about good health for children and how to keep them active and in good health as they grow and develop.  Well, yoga helps to nourish the minds and bodies of the kids.

Nowadays, the pressure to be the very best at school, music, art, sports is immense.   Parents, even if you are not looking for perfection from your children,  know that there is always a good chance that a teacher, or even a peer is doing it for you.  Free your children’s inner hippie by engaging them in yoga.  Chances are that some will snicker the first time your child is asked to do the down ward dog position, yoga can nourish their little bodies in a safe , meaningful way.

Yoga is all about learning how to move, feel and listen to your body through poses designed to relax, stimulate and strengthen it.  I do believe that yoga is the best outlet for children.   We see animals poses–down dog, cobra, cow, weaved with activities, games storytelling and songs offer a fun and creative way for children to explore, learn and move. Yoga for children  really nourishes the little bodies that are bursting with creativity and energy  with an eagerness to play.

As we have mentioned earlier children of today play less, move less and stress  more.    As a child develops he or she has a limited ability to express their stress during their hurried,  on the go ,  multitasking lifestyle.    With the increase in social media,  children are surprisingly less connected than ever.    Yoga  provides                     an environment to slow down, be present and move through stress .

It has been noted that children with challenges such as ADHD, ADD, and Asperger’s  may also benefit from yoga.   Parents who have children with the se challenges have been introduced to yoga to help with their child’s behavior.

Parents, do research before you make a decision .  Look at the pros and cons  before you jump head long into the water.

Are You Ready To Get Started on Becoming Active

We have been talking about getting active for the spring and beyond and today we will help you move by getting started in an easy way.

You can get started by just moving because by adding movement and activity into your normal daily routines.  Physical activity can fit into your daily routine in small but important ways.

Select activities you really enjoy doing.  The less attractive the activity, the more difficulty it will be to stick to it.

Exercise with a friend,  relative or other parents.  Just having that moral support can do wonders.

Find convenient activities that are close to home or work.

Do your best to set achievable goals and reward yourself when you achieve.  Starting small and enjoying successes is important.

Do your exercise in the morning to energize your body for the coming day.

You may be asking yourself how do I fit activity into my busy pre-scheduled day?

We have all complained  that we do not have time to exercise.  With a little planning, it is easy to fit fitness into your busy schedule.  Doing light activities can help you become more fit if it is done on a daily basis.

Consider the following activities to assist you:

Use the stairs instead of the elevator  and walk up moving escalators.

Walk the children to school; walk to the local store for your newspaper or milk.

Consider riding a bike to work at least a few times per week.

Take a walk during your lunch break.

Instead of meeting friends over a meal or talking on the phone, walk together.

Do light exercise or dance to your favorite music.

Play active games with your children at home or at the park.

Walk around the park as the children play.

Walk or jog in place during television commercials.

Stand rather than sit while doing routine chores.

These are just a few of the activities you can begin using during your day on a consistent basis to get you moving.


How To Be Active The Easy Way

We already know that being active is good for us.  Have you ever thought about how good it really is?  Keep in mind that being active will…

Give you energy and make you feel better about yourself.

Reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Help you manage stress better.

Help you relax and sleep better at night.

Decrease your risk of diabetes.

Help you control your weight.

Help you build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints.

Lower your blood pressure and your risk of heart disease.

Help you relieve pain and maintain joint movement.

Help you reduce the risk of coronary heart disease, which is the

nation’s leading cause of death.

It is important to remember children copy their parents.   Therefore, it is necessary that you make positive changes in your own life to set  positive example for your child.

What Does It Mean To Be Active

You should know that every bit of activity adds up to a healthier you!  Every bit of activity you do with your child helps both of you.

Being active does not mean that you have to join a gym or begin an aerobics program.

You don’t have to be an athlete to become physically active.  Physical activity need not be strenuous to be beneficial.

Men and women of all ages benefit from moderate physical activity, such as a 30 minutes of brisk five or more times  a week.

It means getting 30 minutes of activity each day.  If you can’t get it all at once, get ten minutes here and there.

Getting started by adding movement and activity into your normal daily routines.   Physical activity can fit into your daily routine in small but important ways.

Choose activities you really enjoy doing.  The less attractive the activity, the more difficult it will be to stick with it.

Plan an exercise date (such as a walk) instead of a movie or something to eat.

Being active the easy is the best way to get yourself energized and fit as you control your weight, sleep better and decrease stress.  Keeping the entire family on a healthy and fit plan only makes it easier to move your body.

Are Your Children Active For The Spring

The winter has just left us and everyone is ready to get out and move after being closed in for the winter.  We have all sat down in front of the television or spend a lot of  time behind a computer causing children and adults to become overweight.  The kids are likely to eat junk food, and are far less likely to read, do schoolwork, play or even exercise.

Being active as a child could prevent diseases such as diabetes,high blood pressure, and depression when they get into adulthood.  You may wish your child would slow down.  Children need 1 to 2hours or more of activity every day.

It would be best if children under the age of 2  do not watch ANY TV at all.  Parents should limit TV watching to 2 hours per day for children over age 2 or higher.  You can entertain your child in different ways without the use of television.  Praise your child when he/she entertains him self without depending on the television.  This is a very good reinforcement for both mother and child.

Alternatives to Television

In stead of tv you can fill your child’s day with people, quiet learning activities, and play these are just a few ways of keeping their interest without using the television.

You can utilize many of the local recreation centers, YMCAs, or cultural centers that offer low-cost or free enrollment for activities for even the youngest child in the family.

Active Time

Movement is great for children especially during learning.  Here are a few activities you can do with your child during his active time.

Have your child play with toys that will make them move.

Plan family outings: take walks, go kite flying or bike riding.

Chase your child around the yard, playground or park playfully.

Have fun chores for the children to help you with around the house(wash the car, rake leaves, sweep, and even mop, vacuum, dust, or take out the trash).

You can  exercise with your child or dance to music.

These are just a few activities that you can do right now to get your child active for the Spring.

Look for more ways to get your children active.




Do You Believe Toddlers Have Bad Breath?

Do you believe that toddlers have bad breath?  Well if you do, I would say that you are right.  Toddlers get bad breath from parents, grandma and grandpa, siblings, friends and family kissing them on the lips, as well as the foods they eat.  This takes place when adults put their mouths on the toddlers’.  Therefore, having a good tooth brush for the toddler is a great idea and a way to remedy the bad breath.

This leaves a very bad smell in the child’s mouth causing parents to find solutions  to the problem.  One way to  to get into the swing of things is to regularly brush his or her teeth .  To go without regularly brushing out food that is left behind after eating  could break down causing bacteria ,in your child’s breath making it very smelly.

To keep bacteria away from your child, you will need to protect him/her from tooth decay.  Be sure to clean his breath at least twice daily , before breakfast, after his last meal and drink for the night.

Using a soft brush for your toddler’s teeth with his head  into your lap, with his head in the crook of your elbow for comfort.

To avoid irritation to the gums, choose a toothbrush with soft, round-ended bristles.

It is best not to use a large amount of fluoride toothpaste. You can use small circular movement to brush his teeth.  It is recommended that you do not brush from side- to- side, because this may damage his/her gums.  Focus your attention on one section at a time, and do not forget to clean the backs

Do not forget to change your child’s brush every three months or sooner.

Infections can cause bad breath.  So, if your child has a blanket  be sure to keep clean to avoid any more


What Can You And Your Child Do At The Zoo

Now that Spring is here zoo’s  across America are beaming with new animals to show case to its patrons.  So, why not pack up the kids and head for the zoo to see all that a family can do.   Here are a few ideas you can use to help the zoo thrive.

Some zoo’s allow patrons to adopt an animal of their liking.  You can do many things with your adoption  such as raise money, give as a gift to a friend, birthday present.  You get to help in the growth of your favorite zoo animal.

You can celebrate your child’s birthday party at the coolest place in town.  You can have parties for children ages 1 up to adult.

Zoo’s across America have many different  outreach programs to benefit the community.  Programs that benefit pre-Kindergarten, and kindergarten animal outreach programs, and book talk programs and more.

The Zoo’s are very open to accepting donations since it is their life line for staying a float.  Why not consider sending a donation to help care for the animals.  Donations to the zoo help with educational programs for thousands of school age children on a yearly basis.

How cool would it be to feed the tallest animal in the zoo?  In the Florida Zoo for a small fee of $5.00  per person ,you can feed their giraffes between the hours of 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on a daily basis.

When you are finished with your tour of the zoo, you cannot leave without getting the perfect Zoovenir.  You are bound to see many toys, books,  clothing        and stuffed animals  to complete your visit to the zoo.

Before you leave the Zoo be sure to check out the food.  You can get drinks to quench your thirst, burgers, hotdogs,ice-cream , fries, wraps.  You can check the Zoo’s website for more information on offerings.

I hope that you can do something with your children to help foster growth and expansion in the Zoo where you live.  If this gives you inspiration, then do something.

Teach your children to support the Zoo.  Enjoy the Spring time as you visit the different Zoo’s on your travels.


Is Your Child Excelling In School

As parents we all want our children to excel in school.  However, we do know that education does not begin and end at the school door.  So, in order for our children to be successful, we need to take an active part in their education.  Here are a few tips to help your child excel in school.

1.  It is very important to instill a strong sense of worth in your child.  Giving him/her a n ample amount of nurturing, guidance and encouragement to build the self confidence and self-esteem he/she needs to be a success in school.  You can do this by acknowledging his or her accomplishments and praising his/her talents.

2.   Talk with your child daily and really listen to what is being said. Have daily conversation with your child about events going on in school.  Be sure to encourage him or her to explain any new ideas he/she has learned  or projects he/she might be working on.  You can further him/her interest and enthusiasm by discussing how her new knowledge relate to something he/she really knows about.

3.  Be sure to set good examples for your child to follow.  Show your child that education matters and learning is important in your life.  Make reading an integral part of your family’s down time.  Include your child in home , church, and community projects that relates to what he/she is learning in school.   Let your child see you take on a project from beginning to end.  This experience will teach him that he can complete a challenging project if he sticks with it to the end.

4.  Be an active participant in your child’s homework.  Insist that all electronic devices be turned off during the home work process.  Stay on top of all assignments that have been given and that your child has already completed.  If your child consistently claims not to have homework,  do check with his teacher or other parents of children in the class.

Become an active parent in the PTA of your child’s school they can always use the help.

Use the above tips to help your child excel in school as you take an active role  in  his education.

Does Your Animal Have The Right Vet

If you are a pet parent you know that you have a lot to consider when you choose a healthcare provider,for your most beloved pet, and most important is finding a doctor that uses holistic therapies.  It is important to know that animals thrive with gentle, safe and natural approaches.

When our beloved pet was young, I made sure that she saw a holistic vet when she needed one.  Her wellness care was far more than being vaccinated.  Her doctor was well informed about her care and knew that the traditional treatment could potentially be harmful.  She was placed on a well balanced diet and was given a full physical check-up for dental and heart disease as well as tumors.

Pets that are treated with the natural approach experience an occasional illness compared to those that do not get this special care.  The natural therapies can quickly restore an ill pet his/her proper balance without the side effects associated with several drug doses.

Using the holistic approach to care for your pet is the best team effort, the family doctor will always suggest options for care.

Having a full range of options should be readily available to assist the family if necessary.  It should be made clear that if necessary, conventional therapies can most definitely complement if they use holistic principles.

Should your pet require anesthesia a naturally balanced and gentler approach would mean a quicker recovery for your pet with a prompt discharge from the hospital, with follow-up treatment to control pain and inflammation.

It is true that many pet are brought to holistic doctors after the conventional care has failed to help them.  Some pet owners have been turned away by practitioners of the conventional medicine because their case are diagnosed as “beyond hope”.  Pet doctors and pet parents alike experience a great deal of joy and satisfaction in helping to give a joyful pet a new lease on life.

Selecting the right vet for your pet is most important when it comes to wellness care.  Your pet will thrive with gentle, safe and natural approaches  when your animal have the right vet for your pet.

Can Autism Be More Readily Diagnosed

So many families  have children who show signs of being on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD).  These signs are visible in babies as early as twelve months, a diagnosis for the child is delayed until close to his fourth birthday.

Researchers at Univ. Mass. Medical school have been hard at work to develop a 10 minute  screening test  for toddlers who are at -risk and it could be available within the next 2 years.

The test is called RITA-T.  Based on the information it tends to be more accurate at identifying autism than other evaluation methods.  The good news here is that it can be used as early as 1 year old for kids who have been identified as being at risk for ASD by other forms of testing, who have developmental delays, or who have siblings with autism.

You can get more information at the site below.

Parents, this information can be very helpful to children and families who have children that are on the  autism spectrum disorder and are showing signs of developmental delays.  Seeking more knowledge about the new testing called AutismRITA-T may be the right thing for your family.

I have worked with many children with autism and every family want just one thing and that is a cure for the diagnosis of autism.    Once you have read and re-read the article(s) share with as many people as you can.  We all need help to solve this diagnosis of autism.  So, if autism can be more readily diagnosed how many parents will jump at the opportunity to get their child tested?  I know of many parents who would do just that, so  banding together to fight and win by eradicating autism would be music to our ears.

Keep searching for new information in the medical field about autism as you work toward finding a cure for the autism diagnosis in this lifetime.

Are Your Kids Healthy For The Winter

As a mom we try to do everything in our power to keep our children safe and healthy and still they get sick.  What can you do this time around to make sure that the kids stay healthy for the winter?  It is the season of colds and flu  and this time around, so many children are suffering.  Even though it is not possible to completely protect the kids, there are some things that we can do to help them to not get sick.  You can start by teaching them healthy habits to stay as germ free as possible.

Start your kids off healthy to keep them healthy.  The healthier your child, the better he will be able to fight off the attack germ.  Boosting their immune system with enough sleep is one of the best things you can do for your child.  Allow your toddlers at least 12 hours of sleep and 10 hours for school age children.  Do encourage your kids to eat a balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables daily.  Your child needs plenty of water during the day.    Exercise is also very important to maintaining good health.  Keep the children motivated.

Teach your child to cover their cough. Children should be taught to cough into the crook of their arm– this helps germs from getting on their hands.

Use a cool mist humidifier to help maintain moisture in his environment to give him relief from coughs and congestion.  Are you aware of the fact that homes kept at the proper humidity level are most likely to have less flu viruses lingering around the home?  Keep surfaces clean and free of lingering germs by cleaning down the surfaces often.

Do your best to keep things in the home clean by wiping down doorknobs, draws. keyboards, tv controls, countertops. Replace cloth towels with paper towels to keep the germs at bay.

Having healthy habits in your home will only make for healthy kids as you ready to fight off the winter season.