What To Do When Children Hurt Adults

At times a child’s aggression and anger is not directed only at other children but adults as well. In some cases, preschoolers have learned to kick, hit bite, or pull the hair of their parents and caretaker when things do not go their way. I want you to know the little fists and feet can really hurt. Parents often do not know what to do with an aggressive child and may accidentally reinforce the behavior they are trying to change.
Here is a question posed to me by a parent:

My son is three years old. He calls me names and hits me when he does not get his way. I am thinking that he could have picked up that behavior at his daycare. As parents we have always used the most humane method to discipline him. We do not hit,yell at him or humiliate him in anyway. We always try to reason with him. Can you please tell me the best way to deal with this behavior?

I listened intently to the mom’s question and I gave her my opinion on the situation. Based on what was said,it is not likely that your son that behavior in daycare. Daycare exposes our child to more children and adults with whom he must share, sometimes he has to delay his demands, as he tries to create his right to territory. When he is at home he simply doubles his efforts to get his own way, and here the odds are more to his liking.

Parents can try several things to help their child change their aggressive behavior. A list will be discussed in our next session. Be sure to check it out. “Ways to change aggressive behavior”.

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