Look For Hidden Nuggets And Resources For Your Family

Activities that most people take for granted can become a monumental  chore for families with Special Needs children.  Here are five nuggets and resources to help you on your way.

1.  Seek out the best resources for your family.  A simple hair cut can become so  harrowing for children with sensory issues.  Look for barbers that enjoy working with children in your neighborhood.  The person should be loving and patient and can help even the most terrified child over time to enjoy their haircut.

2.  The dentist is very scary for children, so taking your child to the dentist with you is a wonderful idea.  Seek out a dentist that is good with children but can calm a nervous child.  Word of mouth among other mothers does carry a lot of weight.  Do your research always.

3.   It is important to know the tolerance level of your child.  The city you live in I  am sure, does have lots of events as does New York City for children with special needs.  These events can be crowded, loud and this is not the best for the children.  The bright side to this is that more and more special needs events are popping up all over: your local library are having more  Sensitive friendly shows, books and activities.  Check with your local museum to find more.

4.   Jump in.  Children with special needs love playing and being in the water, because it is very soothing to their skin.  Check around in your neighborhood to see what it offers in way of  water play for your child.

5.   Reach across the divide to meet other parents who are going through the same thing.  Raising a special needs child can be isolating at times, so meeting parent who are experiencing the same or similar. Check within your community for people who offer support to parents of special  needs.  You can even check out your local supermarket  for mom meetings.

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