How Many Ways Can You Motivate Your Child

The word “motivate” is an action word also known as a verb. What do you do to get your child to move and do something? We are going to talk about motivating your child/children to do more despite how they might be struggling. Here is a very important tip you can use to help motivate your child to read. Reading is all encompassing and it open the doorway to knowledge. The sooner a child can read,and the more often they read, the faster they will increase their learning. Here are a few tips you can use to help motivate your child to be a better reader by becoming an independent reader.

— Schedule time everyday for reading.

— Have a wide selection of books for the kids to choose from, as you buy books for holidays and birthdays to increase the selection.

— Visit the library often and allow them roam the children’s section with ease.

— Encourage the children to borrow books from different genres–fiction, picture books, audio books, non-fiction.

— Buying games on line or in stores to help improve their intellectual skills –(You can teach them how to play scrabble). Investing time into your child’s early life will give you great harvest later on in his life.

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