Nonverbal Learning Signs For A Grade-Schooler

Signs of nonverbal learning disabilities (NVLD) often show up in grade school. Your child may be struggling with concepts that other children just seem to get. He or she may not understand the other children’ jokes. Here is what you might be seeing.

While at home your child can read a long chapter book out loud but can’t tell you what it’s about. In school he is unable to answer questions about the handout he just read. What stands out here is that children with NVLD read well but have difficulty grasping the abstract meaning of what they read. He misses the point.

Children that are nonverbal learners tend to share lots of information with others. At home your son or daughter tells you everything he hears or learns about, even if it is not important to the topic of conversation. At school he goes around telling other children tribal facts, even if they are not interested.
An important issue with children with NVLD are great at memorizing information but don’t know when or how to share it with others.

Children with NVLD tend not to get humor or sarcasm. At home he or she doesn’t realize when his siblings are just kidding and he gets upset and lashes out at them in anger. In school he doesn’t realize that the kids at the lunch table are teasing him. He thinks they are being friendly to him. Children with NVLD struggle to understand communication that is not literal.

Children with NVLD dislikes change. At home your child does not want to eat at a new restaurant because he is not familiar with it. During school time he tends to get upset when s school assembly disrupts the usual classroom routine. Children with NVLD have trouble shifting from one activity to the other.

Summer is here and now is the time to check out the importance of exploring the warning signs that your child might be exhibiting before the next school year.

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