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When Is Fat Too Much For A Child

Over the years I have seen lots of children who were considered to be fat and I never heard a parent or grand parent say “Isn’t he or she just perfect?” The majority of parents and grandparents, all feel that babies are either too thin or too fat. You cannot please them so they pile on the food. Parents you can get information from your child’s pediatrician as to the national averages of height and weight for kids.Looking at the kids often will not give you what you need to see. It is best when a doctor recommends it. It is important to remember that constant harping on the child being too thin or too fat can contribute to eating issues later on in life.

You might be wondering what is too fat? I would have to say a baby who gains more than 2 pounds in a month. With such weight gain, this could lead to obesity later on in life. Babies that are extremely fat could grow into fat adults as a result of their eating habits and the genes they are born with. The gene factor you cannot control, but you most definitely can do something about what goes into your child’s body.