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Building Self-Esteem In Your Children Part 2

All children should be praised and recognized for the good things that they do and not for the bad things. Here are a few tips you can use to help your child gain confidence and build his/her self-esteem.

1. Help your children develop acceptance toward people with different values and backgrounds. Point out other people’s strengths.

2. Help your children feel useful and valued by giving them responsibility.

3. Be available to your children and give them support when they need it.

4. Always show them that what they do is important to you. Talk with them about their activities and interests. Be present at their games, parents’ day at school, drama presentations, and award ceremonies.

5. Spend time together and share favorite activities and stories.

6. Discuss problems without placing blame or commenting on the child’s character. Children are more likely to help fix a problem if they know that they will not be attacked.

7. Communicate phrases that build self-esteem, like “Thank you for helping me today” or “That was an excellent idea!”.

8. Avoid phrases that hurt self-esteem: “Why are you so dumb?”, “How many times have I told you?”.

9.Show your children how much you care about them, hug them. Tell them they are terrific and that you love them very much.

Feel free to implement these tips in raising your child’s self-esteem. Always speak positive words to your children by building them up.