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What Is Hearing Loss

Anyone at any age can suffer from total or partial hearing loss, making it impossible or difficult for them to understand people around them. In fact, millions of Americans suffer with some degree of hearing loss. My friend recently found out that her son is not hearing what she is saying to him, so she took him to his pediatrician for an assessment of the problem. He checked for was build up but that was not the issue. He had to tell the mother that her son had a hearing loss at age three. The mom had many questions for the doctor as he wrote a referral to the Center for Hearing Loss. She asked how does hearing loss happen?

Hearing loss may be conductive, sensory-neural, or a combination of both types. Conductive problems involve damage to the outer or middle ear. Entrance and passage of sound waves are blocked, so sound becomes faint. Sensory -neural problems involve damage to the inner ear or hearing nerve and sounds may be heard incorrectly. People with this type of problem can hear but may not be able to understand what they hear.

Another question she asked was what causes hearing loss?

Heredity is one cause either direct inheritance of poor hearing or inheritance of a trait making hearing structures susceptible to disease. Birth defects also can cause problems, if an infant’s hearing has been damaged by material disease or by medication the mother took during her pregnancy. One of the major causes of hearing loss in children is disease, especially due to complications from mumps, chicken pox and measles. Excessive noise in your environment- as well as accidents can damage your hearing. Excessive noise can produce permanent hearing loss. Hearing loss also occurs in many people as they age, but the degree of difficulty resulting from aging varies greatly from person to person.

Check your child’s hearing on a regular basis to make sure that he can hear you when you speak.