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How Can You Make Yourself Happy In Minutes

For the past few weeks I have been feeling not quite my happy self and I had to know what was causing me to feel out of sorts.  I asked around and several people said to me  “you have to learn how to make myself happy in minutes” by exercising, call a friend, jot down 3 things you are grateful for and set an intention for your day.

My response was I take the kids to school, cook, clean and do all the things necessary to keep a happy home, but some how that was not enough for me.  I was told to  do aerobic exercise, call a friend,  jot down 3 things you are grateful for in your life, and set an intention for your day.  The same things I was told prior.

The strategies above were told to me, I on the other hand added my own… singing which lifted me up so high.  I felt happier than I ever did before.

Singing lifts me up every time I feel down but I thought that in order to be happy like most people, I needed to do something bold.  That is not the case at all.  I needed some nourishment to energize me to live a happy life.

Doing aerobic exercise on a consistent basis does leave a person feeling positive at a time when you need it the most.

Calling a good friend can indeed give you happiness and better health.  Conversing with an old friend can have long lasting positive effect to the point of increasing your energy and raising your motivation.

Many people keep a journal to jot down the things they are most grateful . By identifying 3 things has shown to provide a long lasting effect on one’s happiness.

Set a daily intention to help guide your day  as you sit in the driver’s seat where you can conscious decisions, rather than just reacting to demands.

To help you get more information on being happy you can to the website below.

www.happyify daily.com

Are Your Children Being Taught Gratitude

I raised my children to always appreciate the gifts they receive, so when a gift comes in a thank you note goes out immediately.  When you teach your children to show gratitude it is a powerful booster all around.

You can try a gratitude journal and just note at least 5 things that you are grateful for on a daily basis for at least 10- 12 weekes. You will then be able to see how happy you feel.

When you think of gratitude you are thinking of the past, present and future.  Think of it as squeezing the juice from a lemon down to the very last drop.  Before you go on a family trip, I recommend that you look at brochures,videos, plan out your days, talk about it with your children and other family members.  As the date and time draws close look for ways to savor what is to come as you enjoy the happiness that comes with good things while they are happening.

Savor  Moments Of Happiness  

Parents, teach your children to stop along the way and take a snap shot the flowers.  When the kids come upon something beautiful and special, allow them to take a snap shot of in their mind.  Show them how to frame the picture with their fingers to help reproduce the scene.  Later you can ask them how did the picture made them fee?  Excellent way to savor the positive feelings they might be experiencing.

Thank you tokens:  These can be printed and given out by the kids at the grocery store, anyone who does a kind deed to them, share with a sharing/caring sibling. Giving out tokens of your esteem only strengthens the moments of happiness.

Gratitude Journal:  Give your family a journal to write 5 things they are thankful for on a daily basis.

What Do You Want For Yourself For 2016

We have started the New Year and many of us are still not clear as to what we would like for ourselves for this New Year.   I plan to use my mind which is a most powerful and accurate technology that we have to date.  Here are 3 steps I will use in 2016 to achieve  what I want.

1. De-clutter your life and surroundings.  When your surroundings is not clear you tend to lose your way and that brings confusion into your life.  You need to know what you want and be very clear about it. ” Be happy” no matter what.

2.  Practice gratitude.  Try listing at least 3-5 things you are grateful for every single day. Believe that what you want for your self has already happen. Express your gratitude in believing it is so.

3. Be sure to LOVE self.  Loving yourself is very important to clearing out toxins from your being will only increase the love that you give to yourself.  Try affirmations, treat yourself to gifts, eating foods that you like, most important getting the right amount of rest.  This how you show yourself love.

Does Gratitude Gives Us More Joy

This is the season of gratitude and much happiness and joy,  but are we teaching our children to focus more on material things  which  can lead our children to be less satisfied with life in general.  However, a sense of gratitude , could reverse  the negative effects of the pursuit of more things .

You can do an in house survey with your family, children included to see how they would react to making a list of what they are grateful for and be willing to follow it through to the end and see whether gratitude gives us more joy.

During the course of my life time my parents instilled in my sisters and I to always be thankful for what we have and never forget to give back.  I have to say that in my family the siblings that showed gratitude had very little focus on material things and they had very high self-esteem, more happiness and joy.

However, the other siblings who focused on material things were less satisfied with their lives, less happy ,had less joy, and had very low self-esteem.  Based on what went on in our household , the one who showed gratitude did well in school and work to this day, but the others are floundering and doing poorly at what ever they chose to do in life.

As we are in the rush of the holidays, let us do our best to be grateful for all we have and leave the materialistic life style behind.    We need more positiveness in our lives.   Do you believe that gratitude does give us happiness and joy?

This holiday season let us all do something good for those who are less fortunate   than ourselves.