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15 Ways Teachers Can Compliment Children

Every child in school enjoys getting praises from their teacher. The praise seems to make the child want to do his or her very best for his teacher. A teacher’s compliment carries a lot of esteem building.for the child. At home parents can see the change in their child’s behavior and attitude, just from getting a positive compliment from his or her teacher. Here are tips teachers can use to compliment the children they service on a daily basis.

1. You are really on the right track.

2. That is the neatest paper I have seen in a long time

3. You are working especially well.

4. Could you please repeat that. It is worth hearing twice.

5. I knew you could remember all the rules. I am very proud of you.

6. Thank you for listening to my question.

7. It is very nice to see you helping each other so much.

8. See what you can do if you try.

9. I find it very easy to teach when you wait your turn to speak like row 3.

10. The girls really worked on the math lesson.

11. Your good study habits are helping you learn to read.

12. You are getting better at finishing the assignments I give you.

13. I am glad to see you are working in your seat.

14. That’s such a good paper I’ll let you correct the other ones.

15. Would you show your picture to all of us?

Feel free to share these positive compliments with your child’s teacher and other parents. Please utilize these at home as your child does chores around the house. Compliments and praise increases positive self-esteem.