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Do You Know If Your Child Likes Him Or Herself

As parents we want our children to have high self esteem and above all have a strong liking for themselves. We can encourage this by rewarding our children with praise, recognition, a special privilege or increased responsibility for a job well done. I recommend that you emphasize the good things they do, and not he bad.
Here are a few steps to help your child have a higher self-esteem and like themselves in the process.

1. Listen to your children and take their ideas, emotions and feelings seriously. Don’t belittle them by saying, “You will grow out of it” or “It is not as bad as you may think.”

2. Make limits and rules clear as you enforce them. Allow some leeway for your children with these limits.

3. Be a good role model for your children. Let the children know that you feel good about yourself. Allow your children to see that you too make mistakes and can learn from them always.

4. Teach your children how to deal with time and money if they are old enough to understand. Help them spend their time wisely and budget their money carefully.

5. Have reasonable expectations for your children. Help them to set reachable goals so they can achieve success.

6. Help your children develop tolerance toward those with different values, backgrounds and norms. High light other people’s strengths.

These are just some ways you can help build self-esteem in your child as he/she likes themselves.